I'm a full-time iOS Software Engineer.

I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Delaware, with a concentration in Data Science.

In addition to my job, I work on my apps, experiments, and occasional projects with The Lovely Developers.

I've been coding regularly since 2010, and was heavily involved in app development for Pebble.

I like coffee, vinyl, and watches.

I also have a blog that I write on every now and then.


Email: me@jwhamilton.co

Design by me

Font by iA

iOS Apps


A self-care tool that delivers compliments and positive reminders.

Femto Editor

A simple, lightweight plaintext editor for iOS.

Dot Music Player

An Apple Music player reminiscent of the pre-iOS 8 music app.

macOS Apps

Menu Bar Splitter

Adds dividers to your Mac's menu bar to keep it organized.

Dark Mode Wallpaper Switcher

Changes your wallpaper based on your Mac's appearance.


REDCap to Google Sheets

My first senior design project - an interface for transferring REDCap data to and from Google Sheets.


My second senior design project - an investment portfolio planning tool.


A study tool specifically designed for my method of memorization.

Alfred Temp Converter

An Alfred workflow to easily convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine.



A version of the tabletop game Codenames that you can play electronically.


Yearly Playlists

The yearly playlists I've been making since 2019.

Old Town Bot

A twitter bot that takes its _____ to the old town _____.


A collection of designs I've done.


A collection of experiments I've either finished or abandoned.