I'm a fourth-year computer science student at the University of Delaware.

I like coffee, vinyl, and watches.

I've been coding regularly since 2010, and was heavily involved in app development for Pebble. Now I work on personal projects and school.

I also have a blog that I write on every now and then.


Twitter: @jwhamilton_

Email: me@jwhamilton.co

Design by me

Font by iA

iOS Apps


A self-care tool that delivers compliments and positive reminders.

Femto Editor

A simple, lightweight plaintext editor for iOS.

Dot Music Player

An Apple Music player reminiscent of the pre-iOS 8 music app.

macOS Apps

Menu Bar Splitter

Adds dividers to your Mac's menu bar to keep it organized.

Dark Mode Wallpaper Switcher

Changes your wallpaper based on your Mac's appearance.



A study tool specifically designed for my method of memorization.

REDCap to Google Sheets

My senior design project - an interface for transferring REDCap data to and from Google Sheets.



A version of the tabletop game Codenames that you can play electronically.


Electronic Music

A collection of electronic music I've written over the years.

Yearly Playlists

The yearly playlists I've been making since 2019.


Old Town Bot

A twitter bot that takes its _____ to the old town _____.


A collection of designs I've done.


A collection of experiments I've either finished or abandoned.