The main view of the app. It's a light orange background, and has the text \

Meet Affirmations. Your new self-care sidekick for iOS.

Need some water? To appreciate your friends and loved ones? To remind yourself how beautiful nature is? Affirmations has your back, delivering compliments and reminders to help you take care of yourself.

Tailored to fit
your lifestyle.

Home screen widgets. Notifications. A beautiful interface written in SwiftUI. However you want your affirmations delivered, you got it.

A screenshot of an iPhone home screen, with two of Affirmations' widgets, its app icon, and a notification.
A screenshot of Affirmations' customization page, with a list of the different affirmation categories like \

Jam-packed with positivity.

A constantly growing set of lovely affirmations both handwritten and generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 AI ensures that your experience will never get stale.

Come for the compliments, stay for the experience.

Breathing exercises. Fidget with system toggles. A comprehensive list of global mental health resources. Affirmations has much more than just reminders.

A screenshot of Affirmations' mental health resource list, showing the page for the USA.
A screenshot of Affirmations' appearance customization settings, with settings for the background color and text visible.

Filled with
powerful features.

Date-aware affirmations for holidays and seasons. Random notifications with user-set time boundaries. Interface customization. Shortcuts actions. Custom affirmations. Word filters. There are endless ways to make Affirmations your own.

Introducing Affirmations v1.1.

Custom date overrides, editing custom affirmations, new app icons, a more robust random affirmation generator, new appearance customization
options, and more.

Available now.

A screenshot of the new date customization screen in Affirmations v1.1.