I started designing app icons in 2019 when I started developing for Apple platforms.

My preferred software is Pixelmator Pro, which some people may say I like a little too much.

Femto Editor

I wanted Femto's icon to be a simple, minimalistic icon that would look good on any home screen, and chose a blue-green accent because that's my favorite color.

A capital "F" in Courier Regular became the insignia because Menlo is the app's default font, but a capital "F" in Menlo doesn't look good as an icon and Courier was the best alternative I found.

The Gray and Pride icons haven't made it into the app yet, but I wanted some variation on the original design.

Dot Music Player

Dot's icon came about by playing on the idea of a music note as the icon for a music app. I wanted something a little different, so I made this shape that resembles a music note (and an Earpod in a way).

The background gradient came from the original Apple Music logo's colors.

I made a few alternate designs, my favorite of which are Beta Three (red, to match the new Apple Music icon introduced in iOS 14 beta 3), Cast (orange, to match Overcast's colors), and G3 (based on a nice bit of Mac geekery).

Affirmations - Care Reminders

Affirmations originally started as just a wrapper for a home screen widget, so I designed an icon based on that (similar to how David Smith's Widgetsmith portrays this), and added a heart icon from SF Symbols in the middle.

The red on blue is the orignal icon, as it has enough contrast to differentiate it from the background, and it makes the heart pop out.

I added a myriad of alternate icons, over half of which are pride flags. As this is a self-care app, I wanted my LGBTQ+ users (such as myself) to be able to express themselves and see themselves represented when they get a nice reminder.

Menu Bar Splitter

This one was tricky to Big Sur-ify, as the original icon admittedly wasted a lot of space. It just looked silly when I transplanted the original icon onto a squircle.

I was a bit skeptical of making the icon diagonal, but I think it captures the spirit of the original icon while looking modern. It's grown on me now.

Dark Mode Wallpaper Switcher

This was my first attempt at a Big Sur-ified icon. I took inspiration from iOS' dark mode icon, and put my own twist on it.

I personally think it looks really good, and fits right in with Big Sur.

I also made a reversed icon for the About screen.

SongSync Logo

My first major iOS project was SongSync, which was my attempt at basically making Spotify Connect for Apple Music.

The project failed, but the logo is still nice. Maybe I'll revisit it one day.

Website Favicon

Originally, my website wasn't going to have any images at all. However, I realized that without a favicon, it looked incomplete.

I whipped up this favicon when I redesigned my site, which is just my initials in iA Writer Mono on the website colors.

Neumorphic Apollo Icons

Yes, I hopped on the short-lived Neumorphism train.

Lots of people make alternate Apollo icons on the app's subreddit, so I figured I'd have a go at it.

It didn't make it into the app, but I got an A++ from Christian.